Heat and Cool Air Conditioning Heat and Cool Air Conditioning

Heat and Cool In One

Using heat pump technology, our units function not only as air conditioning to
cool down a room, but as a highly energy efficient heating system. One air
conditioning unit is three times more efficient than electric radiator heating! By fitting a heat pump, you can save the need to disrupt existing central heating pipes and also eliminates the need to upgrade your boiler.

Why Should I Consider Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is often not considered a priority; a good quality unit can benefit you in so many ways:

  • No #1

    Circulates and filters air, removing pollutants and creating better quality, purified air

  • No #2

    Allows you to maintain a consistent comfortable temperature, whatever the weather

  • No #3

    Assists with regulating body temperature, which contributes to a better nights sleep

  • No #4

    Can be Wi-Fi enabled – allowing you to control the temperature of your home using a phone or tablet

  • No #5

    Is highly energy efficient – one unit is three times more efficient than a standard electric radiator

Invest In Longevity

We know how important it is that your air conditioning unit is built to last. We only install units by the leading manufacturers of equipment, so you know you’re getting a top quality product. All of our equipment comes with a minimum three years warrantee.

Invest in longevity with Heat and Cool Air Conditioning.

Customer Service Excellence

Customer service is key to what we do. We always strive to deliver an excellent standard of service to all of our clients – as we’d expect to receive in our own homes! You can rely on us for all aspects of air conditioning, from installation to maintenance and repair services.

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